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Dear Amy: I’ve recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and have focused my emotional bandwidth on my family, my health and curing my cancer.I have a huge support system that includes family and friends.(you can read our interview with him), uploaded an Ask Amy column to his Facebook, adding, “This guy’s situation sounds familiar.” It should ring a bell for anyone who’s left a stupid comment in their pocket, too.DEAR AMY: I have a serious problem with my future wife. I recently overheard her talking to her friend about how she was unfaithful to me.One of my close friends is having trouble coming to terms with my diagnosis, as well …

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Your problem is a familiar one to casual daters, no matter what gender or age.

Even before tying the knot, I noticed that his family always contacted me regarding details for birthdays, get-togethers, celebrations, etc.

Dear Amy: I am the youngest in my family; my siblings are older by many years.

When I confronted her, all that she said was that she couldn’t talk right now.

I feel like I have to record everything in my own house just to learn the truth.

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