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(b) Do you notice any benefit of price discrimination. “Company form of organization is essential for the development of industrial sectorin India” Support this statement with suitable Justifications. Explain the right procedure for a capital budgeting decision [16]7.

(a) State and explain Break even analysis and explain its importance.(b) Discuss the significance of profit-volume ratio, angle of incidence and marginof safety in Break even analysis. (a) What do you understand by ‘Price discrimination’ and on what basis pricecan be discriminated? Capital 22,000Opening stock 10,000Debtors and creditors 8,000 12,000Machinery 20,000Cash at bank 2,000Bank overdraft 14,000Sales returns and purchase returns 4,000 8,000Trade expenses 12,000Purchases and Sales 26,000 44,000Wages 10,000Salaries 12,000Bills payable 10,600Bank deposits 6,6001,10,600 1,10,600Closing stock was valued at Rs.60,0001 of 2in Code No: R05220201 Set No. Explain the meaning of the ‘Analysis of Financial Statements’.

Tech II Semester Regular Examinations, Apr/May 2007MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS AND FINANCIAL ANALYSIS( Common to Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Electronics &Instrumentation Engineering, Bio-Medical Engineering, Electronics &Control Engineering, Mechatronics and Bio-Technology)Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80Answer any FIVE Questions All Questions carry equal marks?

How is it different from price elasticity of demand? With assumed data,illustrate any two types of ratios under each category?

Netlux Antivirus, Netlux Internet Security-Best security suite that protects computer from viruses, malwares, spywares, hackers. 10,00,000/- each for all the three projects Cash inflows (Rs.)Year Project-A Project-B Project-C1. (ARR on original investment)Initial Investment is Rs. (a) Distinguish between ‘Market period’ ‘short turn period’ and ‘Long turn pe-riod’.(b) Does the consideration of period effect price policy? What are the reasons for introducing company form of organizations and what areits merits and limitations ? A company has at hand two proposals for consideration. How are ratios classified for the purpose of financial analysis? (b) Explain any five important cost concepts useful for managerial decisions.[6 10]4. A discount factor of 12% may be used toevaluate the proposals. Year Proposal X(Rs.) Proposal Y(Rs.)1 1,50,000 50,0002 2,00,000 1,50,0003 2,50,000 2,00,0004 1,50,000 3,00,0005 1, 00,000 2,00,000Which one will you recommend under NPV method ? (a) Define the concepts ‘Accounting’ Financial Accounting, and Accounting sys-tem’.(b) Explain the main objectives of Accounting and its important functions [8 8]8.

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