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For my husband’s parents, paying tithing was not an insulation from calamity.What I believe it did, though, is help all things, even bankruptcy, work together for good. The Negro is barred from the priesthood purely on racial grounds. The Mormons consider that male membership in the priesthood is a requisite for higher place in the Celestial Paradise. Priesthood membership is a requisite for an office in management of the church's temporal affairs. As we will understand in the unraveling of the theology, the Mormon discrimination against the Negro is the ultimate that can be had on racial grounds . A gray-haired Negro Mormon who may have spent his adult life in the careful practice of all the complicated and demanding rules set down by the LDS church stands disenfranchised before the altar where a youth whose beard is just beginning to fuzz may preside. Nor can they have their children and their wives "sealed" to them for eternity . This means that the LDS church actually is one of the most influential organs of racial bigotry in the United States. The mortal existence offers lesser opportunity for the improvement of their souls than for other races. The Negro Mormon can hold no office whatsoever in a church which offers some office to every one of its male members at some time in his life. So he never really leaves the feeling that black skin makes a man inferior.Elijah Abel outlived Brigham Young and the validity of his ordination was repeatedly discussed by the brethren (see All Abraham's Children, p. The rationalization for restricting blacks developed over a period of years. Mc Kay, one forgets that no Negro can ever hope to become president of the LDS church. Also, during the generation after Brigham Young, three other important internal developments occurred that seemed to point to a divinely condoned racial restriction. As we untangle the theology, we must always remember that every devout male Mormon—except the Negro—is expected to become a member of the Aaronic priesthood as a boy of twelve years and a member of the Melchizedek priesthood at eighteen or twenty years . A twelve-year-old may become a member of the Aaronic priesthood, more than this Negro man has been able to achieve through a lifetime of devotion. All the imposing list of wonderful and truly praiseworthy things about this tremendous and impressive institution helps to conceal this ugly corner of its theology.

Sometimes the only immediate blessing of paying tithing is to stand at peace in the presence of God.

I love the basket-of-food tithing stories; they make me misty-eyed every time.

Even more inspiring, though, are the stories of the noble people who continue to pay it in spite of job loss and health expenses and the economy.

Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not.” The ultimate blessings of tithing are not of this life or this world, but are eternal.

Those who pay shall be the Lord’s in the day when he makes up his jewels. It’s hard to be living in difficult economic times and hear the miraculous tithing stories and want one, without getting it.

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