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I just hope it's not moves like Mc D for Tyler Johnson. That meant dealing two part of the core(LUCIC and HAMILTON) for futures.

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Nothing to say he will be a free agent, but if he is....Philly finished 19th overall and got the second-overall pick...which is just flat-out crazy if you think about it..Jersey was 27th overall and landed HISCHIER, who is looking like a franchise player...Rangers are at 23rd overall, so I suppose you never know....a dollar and a dream...Team still has some work to do, but they only spent two seasons out of the playoffs..now they look like they have the makings of another cup-caliber team..gut tells me that no one is going to be too surprised or thrilled by their moves at the deadline..that the heavier deals will be at the draft.I think that's when we'll see two core guys moved that may generate some significant shock.tdchi Mon Feb 5 2018 pm ESTHospo- I think guys like JT (or even Brendan Smith) feel like the coach will censure them if they do stand up.

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    Day and Nelson married in Camarillo, California on September 30, 2017.