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Package for extending the Calmjs framework to support the usage of webpack for the generation of deployable artifacts from Java Script source code provided by Python packages in conjunction with standard Java Script or packages sourced from npm or other similar package repositories.Chara enables developers to quickly create characterization tests.Features ######## * Simplifies development with the closure compiler, library and templates.* Compiles javascript and soy templates on the fly * Closure unit testing framework support * Command line and web based test runners.

* Javascript internationalization support * Sourcemap support * Displays closure warnings and errors to the browsers console log.Compmake is a non-obtrusive module that provides 'make'-like facilities to your Python applications,including caching of results, robustness to jobs failure, and multiprocessing/multihost parallel processing.Fees management for the town of Imola - Under Italian Law, the institutional websites of the cities shall contain a detailed list of the amounts of all the contracts (herein we will use the term "fees") drawn up with external professionals.Google for "composition vs inheritance" to get the general idea.Another way to think of Brain Freeze is that it's a plugin for proxying properties on one-to-one related objects.

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