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All her loans were declared.'Mr O'Carroll, speaking to the Irish Daily Star, further explained: 'What they did was – when things started to go well for us, our earnings went up.'They thought this was great, it was marvellous – until the end of the year when they got their first tax bill, and now had to borrow money to pay tax on their money that they thought was theirs, which is not theirs because half of it was tax.So they were playing catch-up.'Then this structure was introduced to them that they would put their money into a trust, draw a wage down every month, which was something like £8,800 (10,000 euros) a month which was good money.'They then would pay tax and insurance on that £8,800 and it gave them an income for the entire year, which is 12 months that we work and the tax is already paid.' A BBC spokesman told Mail Online: 'This investigation shows there is a clear public interest in the information being reported.A successful stage show and DVD releases followed before in 2009 Mr O'Carroll was approached by BBC Scotland to create a series, which quickly became a surprise hit, evolving into an internationally recognised brand.A film, Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie, came out in 2014 and was panned by critics.

The 5,383-square-foot home boasts a £21,000 swimming pool and an £6,000 jacuzzi The family also own six adjacent properties in a street in Davenport, Florida, 90 miles away.The suspicion is the 'loans' may have been artificially created with the purpose of avoiding tax.According to the leaked documents, dubbed the 'Paradise Papers', which expose how the rich and powerful shield their wealth offshore, accountant Roy Lyness was involved in setting up meetings which led to the actors participating in the scheme.The family also own six adjacent properties in a street in Davenport, Florida, 90 miles away.Images of the homes come after it was revealed that three stars of the BBC sitcom used a complicated web of offshore companies and trusts to avoid paying tax on their earnings, according to the Paradise Papers.

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