Php dinamic input form validating 8minutedating coupon

The javascript below is my first try, and it is not working. Is it ever obligatory to place var in front of a variable, either when creating it or calling it?

I've done the PHP for this, but I want to always use javascript as well where possible to validate the form before it is submitted.

This protection should be added to all form which change sensitive data.You may find a need to allow the user to dynamically add or remove text inputs from your application.This is relatively easy to do using j Query and using arrays to submit the form data to a PHP page.Although we mentioned validation, our form has none. In order to require user's name, call Try submitting a form without the name – the message is displayed unless you meet the validation rules.The form is validated on both the client and server side. First argument sets what should the value look like, second one is the error message again, shown if the validation is not passed.

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