The personal engraving Most people didn't think it would be possible to apply Leica Camera AG's "a la carte" program to the Leica M, Leica M9 and Leica M Monochrom - which is the program where one can get the Leica MP or M7 tailored to ones personal preferences in a number of diferent leather qualities and colors, with or without engravings, with red, black or chrome Leica dot (or without), technical details such as viewfinder types and different types of chrome, hammerthorne or black paint finish to the metal surface of the camera. Or rather, it doesn't matter, but there is no reason to put a label on. Perhaps destiny was involved, or some higher powers - because the camera came back with just the Leica engraving.

In 2010, when my M9 anyways had to go to the Leica Mothership for an adjustment for the first time, I wrote on the order form, "lease engrave 'Leica' on the top plate in the style of the 2003 MP," and much to my surprise they simply sent me an order confirmation. The resale value of a camera with ones personal name undoubtedly goes down unless the new owner has the same name (and I know nobody with my name). They hadnot noticed that I had added the name request.

We all want one to symbolize real love and a important relationship. This book covers the technical side of photography from beginners level to semi-pro, features a number of photographs by Thorsten Overgaard and chapters on his philosophy on photography.

Price is around 190 Euro and made for women and men, after measurements. Harrison) got marrried and the whole wedding and honeymoon had a clear Leica theme down to the two Noctilux rings. Only 8 "I've bought the new book - made a start reading it - it is really interesting.

There has never been a system like that for Leica lenses.

Of course special engravings can also be made on lenses if you ask nicely.

Berlin-based jewrelry designer Florian Huhoff designed this Leica M3 ring for a friend, who requested one more for a friend ...

and if he didn't know before, Slorian must have realized real love has no boundaries. In this easy to read and apply e Book, Thorsten Overgaard takes beginners and experienced photographers through the basics of controlling the light and the camera.

An example of standard engravings and use of colors.

The Leica 50mm Summilux-M ASPH f/1.4 LHSA limited edition lens (this is a lens that was made in the 1959-design but with the 2004-design of the glass inside).

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