Single and fed up dating online

I’ve given dating my best shot for several years but I have to admit that I’m really fed up with it at this point.It’s the most messed up thing I’ve ever encountered.iv lost a old m8 frm school 2 , so kinnda makes it worse.hence why im on here trying find new m8s & have some fun again. lol dont like it but im getting used to it zoe xxx Hi ladies, I just wanted to say that I feel exactly the same way as a lot of you. And I must admit I found reading this thread hilarious!We're already proving that we're brilliant enough MUMs and DADs rolled into one, I wouldn't blame you for purchasing online and doing it on your own!!!! This might be a bit too much info for some of you lovely ladies, (apologies!!!! I don't even bother wearing thongs or frilly underwear anymore - it's great big apple catchers for me!!!! It would be nice to go on dates again and someone you can text when I'm feeling lonely.I'm only 27, I hate the fact that, at times, I worry about being single. ) But I worry that I'm going to be spending the next 5 yrs of my life completely celibate - ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Sometimes I dont even bother to shave my legs either! I started Fat Club (Slimming World) tonight, hoping to lose some weight and feel more confident about myself.

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Hopefully these men will come along and glide into our lives - with no mess, or game playing etc etc!Right - that's the irrational side of me done talking, now for the rational: Of course there are lovely men out there - it's just a case of biding our time til we meet them - 'good things come to those who wait...' and all that! I just want a nice man who puts others feelings first as well as their own, is willing to split his time between his friends and me and understands that my little man is my life. When you find a nice guy please either tell us all where you found him or at least share him with the rest of us! Gosh if I mentioned that to a potential suitor they'd think it was their birthday or someting!Worrying thing is, I am really broody and want a sibling to my little one but not sure I want to go through the whole having to share them with the wrong person. x Aimee - your comment about buying 'it' online cracked me up!!!! I'll join too Been single for just over a year and am just now starting to get quite lonely, I don't want to rush into anything but just to have some male attention would be nice.I am soooooo worried about being single for the rest of my life!!!!I don't know where to meet nice men either - the majority of the decent ones are taken, the guys I work with are all in relationships, my friends male friends are all taken too!

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