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Notice the small things and the big things that are constantly occurring around you.

Appreciate the kind gesture, the words of encouragement, and the favorable circumstances that unfold in your life.

The way to be happy in and out of relationships is to let go of expectations and conditions. Be open to meeting new people, be open to being vulnerable, and be open to falling in love again. “The stronger and more closed I am to others, the less likely someone else will hurt me again.” If you close your heart and feelings to others, you may avoid pain but you’ll also miss out on happiness and joy. Instead of hiding behind a cloak of someone you’re not, be yourself in the world, which will only make you more attractive. The way to let go of fear is to recognize and embrace it. Is it keeping you stuck from living the life you want or the love you desire? What is the worst that can happen if this fear came true? Ultimately, a partner is a mirror and guide to help you complete the journey to your truest self.

Love can only bloom if you’re open to love in your life. By being true to yourself, you’ll also attract people who are better suited for you. Even if you break up with them, they can be a conduit to healing and being made whole.

After experiencing a painful breakup, you never, ever want to be in a relationship again.

A broken heart and pained soul wants to give up on love altogether.

Write down your feelings and come to terms with the emotions you’re going through.

Comparing your relationship to others isn’t very constructive.

Once again, transform bitterness toward others to gratefulness that others have found love in their lives.

Being vulnerable means being honest about your shortcomings and sharing your feelings. You want to tell the same sad story repeatedly to friends—a love gone wrong, a love soured, a love that fell apart. There are many perspectives and stories in every relationship. Let go of your blocks keeping you from experiencing joy.

Are you holding onto a story of resentment and bitterness?

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