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It is we, you and me, the American voters who claim to love the Constitution but show it no respect at all and who swear loyalty to the Founding Fathers’ vision but consistently and completely ignore their legacy.

“Texans for Constitutional Government (TCG) believes, as our Founders’ did, that our government draws its power from ‘we the people,’ citizens of this great nation.

When an administration strays from our Founders’ Original Intent and usurps powers not autho- rized in the Constitution, then we must hold that administration accountable at the next election.

To do that, we must understand our republican (small r) form of government.

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Hardcore proselytizing atheists, for exam- ple, have argued that most of the founders were either deist nonbelievers or had only the shallowest faith.

But to claim a shared intent by all the founders in terms of religious beliefs, they have to pretzel-twist history, forcefully, into an absurd and unnatural shape.

Their startling conclusion is that the founders’ shared religious beliefs and depths of spiritual com- mitment were remarkably consistent.

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