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This past harvest we had date night while Andrew was on the combine and I was driving the grain cart.It is the little experiences that end up drawing you closer together. Good Morals I am just going to lump all the amazing morals that farmers have in one category. I would say they rank their priorities: God first, others second, and themselves last. Never again do they have to buy clothes for themselves, they just wear what ever is free at the next convention.When moving yearling bulls and your husband leaves the door on the tractor open so that you can jump in should the need arise, it is comforting to remember that should a bull attack you, that you 1) have good life assurance and 2) that your husband will probably risk his own life to save you!Tip: it helps if you wave your arms, dance and shout too at the bulls if need be.‘The biggest one’ – You must learn to tell the difference in size between calves, even if one is only an inch or so taller than the other.Above all, you both must appreciate that any bad language hurled at each other while sorting cattle can be forgotten about once they are sorted into their two separate batches.You will probably be standing by a gate as your loved one sends the relevant calves or cattle in your direction so you can let them past the gate into the shed.However, if a wrong one comes towards you (beside another one or even two) you are supposed to intuitively know this and wave your stick to separate them, sending the wrong one back to the batch and the other into the shed.

We were just saying today that when we retire, he can claim the kitchen back again and I’ll gladly pass it over to him. When sorting cattle, bear the following in mind: (sorting means dividing a batch of calves or cattle into 2 groups, perhaps separating male from female calves or dividing them according to size/thrive).

They will go out of their way to make sure their family is taken care of. A farmer can be like a teddy bear until the people they love get messed with. Just so happens Andrew sells for Agri Gold – a corn seed specialist.

The same goes for his family, once they accept you, they will go out of their way to make sure you feel comfortable and loved just like you are one of the family – that even means you are open for the cousins to pick on you. My favorite characteristic about a farmer is the patience they show. “I’m so sorry we are trying to get everything done before the rain comes, can’t make it.” Being a farmer also means being able to role with the punches. So this winter you will see me sporting my Agri Gold jacket. Thank the Lord, because I know I am not the only girl bad at directions.

In fact, bad language is expected and can even be enjoyed as at what other time can you tell your loved one he is a f**king idiot for not realising you’re not telepathic.

Moving yearling bulls can be a dangerous task and it is important not to belittle the dangers.

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