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We are all afraid that if we do change it, we'll break it. Let's go thru that one section at a time to get a clearer idea of what goes into a unit test. In order for it to be a unit test, it must test something in isolation, aka without dependencies.You have just discovered my favorite reason for writing unit tests. The reason for this is that we are testing the component itself and not it's interaction with other components (that is an integration test).

My hobbies are Painting, Visting, Selfie, Watching cricket, Novels.The next line is a very important line in our test that alot happens, so let's walk thru it step by step: tells Easy Mock to validate that all of the expected method calls were executed and in the correct order. Now all we have to do is write the code to make it pass. Unit testing is something that once you get used to it, makes you code better, provides you with a safety net for future refactoring and protects you from being burned by API changes. Secret societies have been trying to influence politics ever since.Your test will fail if the methods are executed out of order on a strict mock. The next step is to create our actual test method (for reference, we will not be implementing a tear Down method for this test case, it won't be needed in this example).In our test method, we want to test the following scenario: Even with the very basic method we want to test above, there are still a number of different scenarios that require tests.

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