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In short, if you hard brick your device, you are on your own.*CAUTION* Do never interrupt the upgrade while its running.This is especially important when you see start updating EBT and BCT on the tablet screen.(blob flashing) The stock ICS rom file is the CH version.

Even if you have upgraded to the K1 flavor, that image should return your tablet to MEDION ICS 4.0.3.(no assert check) You need of course to have a *DISCLAIMER 1* This site bloggers and YLG80 takes no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures within this guide. If you don't know what is nvflash, adb, root or cwm, chances are that you don't need to do what is described below.

Andri Odd for the patch for the Home button behaviour and pre-testing the images.

Please backup your apps and data before doing any upgrade. Select the backup option : Save all apps and data preferably on your external SD..

It looks like I was wrong regarding a bug in the modem firmware, but the update of the firmware showed me something I didn't know before.

I will discuss the details in the troubleshooting thread.

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