Vanessa dating gossip girl

Dan was almost (accidentally) revealed as Gossip Girl in the very first episode.Jack and Georgina totally would have been a thing if the scheduling worked out.We worked really hard to dress Blake inside, she kept away from the windows. But somebody either paid someone to get into the apartment across the street, or used a fire escape and used a telephoto lens, and that really upset me because I didn't want anyone to know. Where can we start a petition for a spinoff with Jack and Georgina?Did you consider doing a whole storyline with them earlier? We always talked about them being in some ways the male and female versions of each other and perfect for each other. We have to work around his schedule which means we only got him for one episode this season.The surprise cameos were miraculously kept secret, and squeal-worthy.And the big, show-ending reveal of Gossip Girl's identity—one Mr.

It was all very dramatic with him coming in the back door so the paparazzi wouldn't see him and we shot inside. Was that expected or were you disappointed that happened?

Finale note: Whatever your feelings about the past few seasons of , you gotta admit, the finale last night was pretty dang close to perfection.

Chuck and Blair didn't just end up together—they had TV's most adorable son.

When Jenny is running up the stairs to Dan and Serena's wedding, she's using a "J by Waldorf" shopping bag. Maybe she's directing an episode of season five of We know Serena ended up with Dan, but where is she professionally?

Serena is a powerful force in the New York social scene.

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