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"People hold on to the bitterness because they become addicted to the bitterness to avoid the pain they feel," Martino said."And they don't want to take any personal responsibility for fear that the end result of that sentence would be 'Because you're not worth loving.' (But) as long as you're blaming others, your life can't change."No more hiding.That same day, I'd been called pointless and ugly and...(Heidi Stevens)Recognizing red flags Here are some signs your spouse could be cyber cheating, from Neuman: First you know, then the sharing stops.Gary Neuman, author of "Emotional Infidelity: How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage and 10 Other Secrets to a Great Relationship" (Three Rivers Press)."And then you put a video game on or something." Oh, Jimmy. In maybe the best 9 minutes of television ever, Nicole Kidman revealed on Tuesday's "Tonight Show" that once upon a time she sorta, kinda had a thing for Jimmy Fallon. "And then you put a video game on or something." Oh, Jimmy. In maybe the best 9 minutes of television ever, Nicole Kidman revealed on Tuesday's "Tonight Show" that once upon a time she sorta, kinda had a thing for Jimmy Fallon. (Heidi Stevens)"I will have an easier time as a therapist if the couple walks in and the man or woman had random sex with a stranger than somebody who has found a best friend on the Internet and they haven't even touched," Neuman said.Self-compassion is essential right away to get to the next level."Rosenberg added that a breach of trust can trigger other emotional issues if they haven't been resolved.

" The freedom to fantasize, without the intrusion of reality — as well as the anonymity afforded by the Internet — also can be alluring."People tend to tell their spouse early on about a person they may have connected with on the Internet or are interested in," Neuman said, "and then they stop talking about them as their feelings grow and it starts to get inappropriate."Hiding devices."If the laptop used to be in the kitchen, but now you can't find it, or when they stop leaving their phone out on the counter or on the nightstand like they used to — even when they shower, it's missing — that's a sign."New passwords: "If your partner suddenly changes the password they've had for a long time, and won't tell you what it is, this is a definite red flag."Clean inbox: "If the trash file is cleared out and there's a lot of dumping of old emails, this could be a sign too," Neuman said."The relationship work that needs to happen requires accountability, remorse and empathy.The least you can do, as the person who crossed the boundary, is to have empathy for the person who discovers it and express genuine remorse."But this can be complicated if the person who is caught doesn't consider the cyber relationship to be an affair, he said."The man or woman who wants to say, 'But I never met them' is someone who is in denial or trying to manipulate, and that is part of a bigger problem that needs to be resolved with professional help," he said.

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