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The timetable below comes into force on 1 June 2017. Each passengers gets 2 blankets, 2 sheets, mineral water & toilet roll.

We never went to eat in the dining car but spent some time in the bar.

The 1st class sleeper cars are clean and comfortable.

We had a sheet, pillow, bottle of water and roll of toilet paper for each bed (No blanket).

Drinks started off cold but as the trip progressed the ice melted and the drinks got a bit warmer. An attendant comes around and asks if you will be having the meal, and then brings it to your compartment about 30 minutes later.

Breakfast was an omelette and two slices of toast, with tea or coffee. We had chicken both nights (I think the other options were steak and fish) which was very tasty and came with either rice or chips and some vegetables.

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